Lessons Learned from Miley: 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Butt Looking Good

Guests at the VMA’s got an up close and personal look at what happens when we pay little attention to our backsides. Miley Cyrus scared more than a few fans with her not so humble performance the other night, along with her not so toned backside. Whether you approved of the performance or not – we can all learn a lesson. If we are planning on dancing in our underwear (or not), we had better be sure that our gluteus maximus is well tended.

Here are five ways to be sure that your next dance performance goes without a jiggle!

Lesson One: Eat Clean

No matter what kind of exercise you do, your butt will bear the brunt of a poor and processed diet. Start your new and better butt campaign off right by switching to a diet loaded with nutrient dense fruits and vegetable. Say no to refined foods such as table salt, sugar, wheat and artificial sweeteners. Clean eating is always foundational to health, and since you have to eat anyways, why not do it right?

Be sure that you are getting plenty of healthy fats and protein from such things as coconut oil, raw nuts and seeds and moderate amounts of grass fed meat. Eat three well-balanced meals daily cut out unnecessary snacking and eat as much organic food as possible. Antioxidant rich foods such as fruits and vegetables help to escort toxins out of the body so that they don’t get trapped in our fat stores. Fueling the body with what it requires for optimal metabolism will ensure that any exercise you do to improve your buttocks is going to leave a lasting impression.

Lesson Two: Take the Stairs

Leaving a little extra time in your day to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator, will result in a stronger backside. According to Tufts Medical Center, a 135 pound woman will burn about 165 calories in 20 minutes of stair climbing. Burning more calories reduces body fat and will assist you in your butt firming efforts, not to mention the workout your cardiovascular system will get. If you climb both up and down stairs daily, you will notice that your butt may seem to be getting bigger, don’t worry, once the fat burns off of your backside, your butt will be firmer and lifted high.

Lesson Three: Swing a Kettlebell

Kettlebell swings combine both anaerobic and aerobic exercise at one time. No more cardio workout one day and strength workout the next when you can combine the two and be done in half the time. To work on aerobic endurance, you can do a lot of swings with a lighter bell, or switch to a heavier bell and fewer swings to develop strength. A workout that combines the two provides the most benefit.

Swings build important muscles such as glutes, core, back and hamstrings. Traditional weight training often overlooks these muscles. These muscles are foundational, and when they are strong, the whole body is strong and extremely functional. Find an appropriately sized kettlebell for your current fitness level and swing the bell for one minute, and take a 30 second break for a total of five minutes. You will begin to notice an improvement in not only your endurance but also your strength, not to mention a very toned gluteus maximus.

Lesson Four: Do Some Yoga

Most people associate yoga with flexibility, however, it can do equal justice for a sagging booty. This yoga routine works both sides of your body for equal toning. Be sure to go through the whole series using your right side first then switch to your left side. After warming up move into a Downward Facing Dog position, lift your right leg into the air and come to a Three Legged Dog position. Hold this for five breaths and keep your shoulders parallel to the floor. Move your right foot up between your hands and rise to a Warrior 1 position, lower your hips so that your front thigh is parallel with the floor. Hold this position for five breaths. Open your hips, arms and chest and move into a Warrior 2 position. Pull in your abs, lengthen your spine and keep your shoulders relaxed. Hold this for 5 breaths.

Lesson Five: Sleep Well

So, you are eating right, taking the stairs, working with the kettlebell and doing some yoga – GREAT. Now you should be tired right? Well, if you are like millions of other Americans that are more like walking zombies than energetic machines, you will need to pay some attention to the quality of sleep you are getting. Most people fail to realize just how important sleep is for building muscle. If you are sleep deprived, you are likely to gain weight, burn all the great muscle you are building instead of fat and reduce your athletic performance and coordination – watch those steps!

If you are serious about having a healthy derriere, you must get enough sleep. It is much easier said than done to get a good night’s sleep. However, there are things you can do to help yourself rest easier. If your schedule allows it, try going to bed an hour earlier every night; even one extra hour can be very beneficial. Aim for at least 7 hours of quality sleep each night.

Meditation is a time-tested way to have a more restful sleep, as it can help you find your center, and release anxious thoughts and negativity from your mind. Just a few minutes before you go to bed will do the trick, if you wish to do it for longer, the results will be magnified.

Have a warm bath and put in a few drops of lavender essential oil in your water. Lavender is soothing and will help induce relaxation which promotes a restful nights sleep.

buttThe BOTTOM Line

There you have it, five ways to keep your butt looking its best so you can avoid any embarrassment during your next public performance, or trip to the beach! Be consistent and remember, there is not one magic pill or special exercise that will improve the shape, strength and appearance of your buttocks. However, with commitment and consistency, you will be turning around to catch a glimpse at your own rear end in no time!

-The Alternative Daily

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