Ditch The Gym Membership: 5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Burn Fat At Home

Home Gym

So, you have finally decided to cancel your gym membership and set up your own home gym. Contrary to what you might think, there are only a few essential pieces of equipment needed to complete your gym. Many people find that working out at home is much easier than making time for a trip to the gym. There is no need to dedicate a whole room for your home gym either, a small space is plenty for you to get a fantastic workout and keep in top shape. Here are our top five picks for the complete home gym.

Exercise Ball

Also known as a Physio ball, an exercise ball can make your workout more efficient. Exercise balls help you to develop a strong and stable core and can even double as your desk chair. There is no limit to the number of effective exercises that can be done with an exercise ball. Both crunches and elevated push ups can be performed with the ball. Seated wall rolls will help develop strong quadriceps while chest presses on the ball help to strengthen both the core and the glues, while developing your chest muscles. Be sure to get a high quality exercise ball that is the correct size for your body frame and height.


Kettlebells have made their way from the hands of the Russian strongmen into the home gym and are a tremendous asset to any fitness program. The perfect high intensity training program can be developed entirely around kettlebells. There is no need to purchase a treadmill or an elliptical machine when you can buy a couple of kettlebells and achieve the same results in half the time. Kettlebells provide both an aerobic and anaerobic workout that maximizes fat loss and muscle gain. If you are new to kettlebells, be sure to get some proper instruction on form and choose a bell weight that is appropriate for your current strength level as well as one a few pounds heavier.

Resistance Bands

Home GymWho doesn’t love a good stretch? Resistance bands are fantastic for warm ups or can be incorporated into any workout routine. Stretchy bands take up no space, will travel, and are perfect for anyone on the go. You can easily tone the entire body with these bands and even watch your favorite show while you work your arms.

Foam Roller

A foam roller helps to prevent injury while stretching muscles. You will love the deep tissue massage that the roller action provides. Use of the foam roller will help reduce tight muscles and provide relief after a tough workout. Incorporate the roller into your warm up and cool down for best results.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are old school fitness tools that range in weight, some up to 150 pounds. The father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, used to use animal skins filled with sand as a rehabilitative tool for his patients. When choosing a weight, select a ball that allows you to perform movements slower than you would without the weight while maintaining good form. Lunges, squats, presses, push-ups, flys, extensions and curls are just a few of the great exercises that can be performed with a medicine ball. A weighted ball easily takes the place many machines at the gym and can be neatly tucked into a corner, when not in use.

Do you have your home gym stocked?

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