7 Healthy Habits to Start this Week

Do you absolutely dread Mondays? Have you ever found yourself so discouraged for the day ahead that you can barely get out of bed? Does this attitude put a negative spin on your entire week?

We’ve all been there. However, there are habits that you can build to make your week a little (or a lot) brighter, from Monday onward. You may find yourself enjoying your days more, even in the midst of a hectic work schedule.

Wake up one hour earlier

This may seem daunting at first, but you will find that if you get into the habit of waking up an hour earlier every morning (half an hour if you are really crunched for time), you will have more time for your body to awaken fully, so you can ease into your day. This way, you will not find yourself stressfully scrambling to get dressed and ready in the morning, making you calmer and more prepared to take on the day’s challenges.

Spend 5 minutes meditating

When you wake up, take those first five minutes to meditate. Either stay in your bed (but prop yourself up so you do not fall back asleep), or sit up into a comfortable position. Focus on your breath entering and exiting your body, and clear your mind of all thoughts, including the events of the previous day, and any worries for the day ahead. Take time to simply be.

Take a moment for gratitude

Spend at least one minute every morning reflecting on everything in your life that you are thankful for. Bring to mind all of the good qualities that you have, and all of the good people and things in your life. This practice should not be reserved only for Thanksgiving; it can be very powerful.

Go for a morning walk

One benefit of waking up earlier in the morning is a little extra time to enjoy a morning walk. Even a lap or two around your block can do wonders, as early morning sunshine truly possesses unique uplifting effects. If the weather does not permit walking outside, go into your living room, open your curtains, and take a few moments to stretch.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Many studies have shown that eating in the morning is important for optimal physical and mental health. Even if you’re not a big breakfast person, try to eat at least a little something. Raw, sliced organic fruits, a glass of organic, grass-fed milk, and a handful of nuts or a free-range egg are all great options.

smilePractice at least one act of kindness per day

Showing compassion for others can make you – and them – feel great all day long. Make a point to compliment someone, open a door for a stranger, or help someone at work who looks especially harried. You may think that you are in a hurry yourself and do not have time, but you may be surprised at how much more energy practicing kindness can give you.


Even if you don’t feel like it, smile anyway. The act of smiling, even if you are feeling down, can improve your attitude, and others that see you smiling will be inclined to do the same. If a customer at work is frustrating you, for example, take a deep breathe, and genuinely smile at them. When you pass by a bathroom mirror, smile at yourself. It’s a simple, yet often very effective, strategy.

Choose to have a great week this week!

-The Alternative Daily

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